Non Slip Safety Floors

Safety flooring is an important part of a work place, and we have lots of options to suit your design and budget. Preparation is a big part of achieving a good looking floor, and we have internal / external systems, quick drying, non solvent for some areas, food safe products and many more.

Colours and aggregate can be chosen, depending on the application. The level of grip required can be accommodated better in some products, than others, but we always endeavor to find a solution that is safe, attractive and long lasting.

The flooring can be laid on a range of substrates, but some substrates are not suitable to give a long lasting finish, so additional preparation may be required. In some cases, we need to remove the bedding and replace it. This is usually apparent if it appears very chalky or very soft. In some circumstances, we are able to treat this prior to the new flooring, with concrete densifiers.