Defits and Make Goods

After a tenant has moved out, they are usually required as part of their lease to defit the shop or office fit out, and 'make good' to original state. This can but not always include plastering and painting the walls, and repairing the ceiling and floor. In some commercial properties, they are required to take everything back to concrete walls and concrete floor, which is called 'back to base'.

Factory solutions offer Defits, make goods and back to base, in our services. We usually get asked to carry this out this activity out side of trading hours due to the surrounding businesses.  

All services will be disconnected and isolated safely, and by a qualified tradesman in the relevant industry. 

We have fire services, electrical contractors, plumbers and gas fitters, HVAC and other trades we regularly use, to create a very efficient team.

All waste will be recycled where possible to save earth resources, and the non recyclable materials will be taken off site and disposed of.